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We are experiencing an unprecedented disruption to our lives.  A global pandemic.  Global shutdowns.  Global economic and societal effects.  This is the event our grandchildren will ask us about. We don’t know what’s going to happen next, but each of us has a unique perspective to share.  Join me in recording history as it happens.

At the bottom of this page is a map of the countries and states currently represented by the project.  If you know anyone in a country not yet highlighted, please share this webpage with them so they might contribute an interview!


Veronica Kirin is a world renowned speaker, author, and award winning entrepreneur. In 2015 she traveled 12,000 miles across America alone to interview The Greatest Generation about the paradigm shift brought about by the high tech revolution. The resulting book, Stories of Elders, documents their lives and tech’s effect on us all.

Now, as technology shifts to aid us during a global pandemic, Veronica is once again interviewing people to document their experiences of a global paradigm shift and answer the questions we are all asking: How will this pandemic change the world?

The Stories of COVID™ interviews are an anthropological study of the pandemic, meaning each participant is asked the same set of questions and the participant is control of their own information.  Interviews center around layoffs, testing, access (or lack thereof) to ill family members, shifts toward remote work, government actions, social isolation, disparities, the use of technology to manage it all, and more.  Read the FAQ to learn more, and use the calendar below to sign up.

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