What happens to the money?

50% of the profits from the store goes to the WHO Solidarity Fund, which is then distributed to partners such as UNICEF, the United Nations, and CEPI.  These organizations distribute and manage PPE, frontline worker support, and research for better protections practices so our frontline workers can stay safe while they protect us.  The other 50% of profits goes to support building the interview archive for future generations.  Design and development of the store is not included in fund distribution — both were built with donated time.

Where did the designs come from?

Each design was carefully crafted by archive founder Veronica Kirin.  They are created specifically for Frontline Fashion with support and love for our healthcare and frontline workers in mind.  


Am I eligible to be interviewed?

Anyone living through the effects of COVID-19 is eligible to be interviewed.  This includes all age groups (people below 18 need a guardian to sign the release), all geographic locations and countries (eg. urban, rural, and everything in between), and all occupations (incl. students, retirees, employed, and unemployed).  This is a global story that unites us all.  It must be told.

How long are you conducting interviews?

As long as the pandemic continues.  The purpose of the book is to document the pandemic in real time through individual experiences to add to the facts and figures gathered by WHO and CDC.  We will continue as long as is necessary so future generations have the full history.

What if I don’t know all the facts?

Veronica fact checks and cites sources in her books.  If you believe something to be true at this stage in the pandemic, and it changes or turns out to be misinformation due to the understandable chaos of this period, Veronica will include the correct information in the text.  If you know something to be true but don’t have a source at this time, Veronica will work to find the source and confirm the facts.  Ultimately, the purpose of the book is to document the real experiences within the pandemic.

What do I need for the interview?

Please have a good internet or telephone connection, and be in a quiet location.  Please also complete the release form and pre-interview questionnaire (shared upon sign-up) so Veronica knows what to discuss with you.

What will happen to my story?

These interviews will be put together into a book covering the span of the COVID-19 pandemic, from start to finish. This is an anthropological project, which means you are always in control of your information, and can reach out to Veronica at any time with corrections or the need to redact.

Can I remain anonymous?

Of course.  Please specify that in your pre-interview questionnaire.

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